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Day 7 – The lion sleeps tonight.


We had a plan for today. Get up early, leave early, and get into the forest. Add a couple of ish’s in there and we were close enough.
We’d bought eggs and bacon the night before and so cooked a breakfast fit for hi-kings. This delayed us a little further but it was worth it.
Clement, Dawn and Avril were all around the breakfast table with us. It was like an ad for Kerrygold, but there was no horse going to France on this occasion. Dawn and Avril were driving up to the Cape and kindly offered to take our, what was supposed to be 5kg, box up to the dairy cum post office. This was great, the T-Amigos walked up the road into the sun that had already risen. Halfway down the road we got a beep, it was the two sisters carting our weighty contraband up to the…

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Floptajoe’s Top 10 Superhero Films

In case anyone was wondering…this list hasn’t changed.

No one was wondering.



I realised recently that I’ve seen almost every superhero film ever created. Not unique by any means, but enough of a pretext for an indulgent SKY/E4 style countdown of things I like.

Why should anyone be interested in my opinion? No reason whatsoever.

The problem with superhero films is that the protagonist always survives and it’s a challenge to create any real tension. Bond and Die Hard films suffer from this also, so a stand-out film needs to either subvert the genre or  include a compelling human character and put them in mortal danger.

Looking to court controversy at every turn, I was disappointed to find my list was dominated by Batman films. None of them made No.1 spot though. Special mention for Watchmen which had excellent ideas used by other, better films.

The inclusion of two animated movies is the only real break from the obvious, beginning with:


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Nice angle.

Business & Money

In 60 seconds, Pantene Philippines used an ad to deftly break down the double standards men and women face in the workplace.

While a man is a “boss,” a woman is seen as “bossy.” Men are “persuasive,” while women are “pushy.” If a guy works late, he’s “dedicated,” but a woman is “selfish.” A man who struts down the street is “smooth,” but his female counterpart is “showy.”

And if you needed any more reason to watch the commercial, made by BBDO Guerrero in Manila, then take Sheryl Sandberg’s endorsement of the spot:

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Now seems a good time to reblog this piece from January. The game created Suarez, now it looks to turn it’s back on him.


‘A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon the world.’

Albert Camus

It’s difficult to become a professional footballer –  you need talent, determination and luck to become one of the elite but you also need to do what it takes to win.

Football has seen incidents over the last few years which have caused outrage.  Henry and Suarez stand out for obvious reasons but they aren’t the only ones who work outside the rules when the need arises.

I won’t bore you with self-indulgent tales of my own football career – there are no tales as such and it was not a career – but joining a team at the tender age of 24, I encountered something there I hadn’t seen before, unadulterated competitiveness.

It was not a high level, sometimes I doubted the matches even deserved to be called ‘football’, but every man on that field…

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A manic guide to the transfer window from the certifiable Lukey15.


As big Jim White’s boner slowly brims to a proud, euphoric zenith on the sports broadcasting stiffy-meter, the rest of us mere sports enthusiasts are starkly reminded that this season’s Premier League Winter transfer window draws to a close in the next few hours; five, to be precise.

It’s been a rather dull window, compared with the activity of recent years, with no real ‘Whooaa!’ moments springing to mind, although there’s still plenty of time for Messrs Levy, ‘Arry and Mancini to produce some profound affect in Big Jim’s pyjama pants before the night is out.

A couple of notable signings stand out, like the shrewd acquisition of Ba, a steal at 7 million quid, making him only 7.14285714 times worse than the mercurial Fernando Torres.

Glad to see the back of Balotelli; was never a huge fan of his antics and/or footballing prowess, although his taste in pooty-tang has…

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I’m becoming a big fan of @lady_cait.

A Barefoot Girl

A week last Friday, as I was watching The Big Bang Theory, sprawled on the sofa and eating grapes, my phone went a bit mental. A music blogger had retweeted my post about being made redundant, and within the hour, 5000 people had read it. The next day that increased to 25,000 and the New Statesman and Gizmodo had published it. My twitter was bleeping every minute with replies and there were more comments than I could respond to. I have never experienced anything quite like that. So many of the comments were incredibly nice about what I had written, and I was amazed that so many people would send well wishes to a complete stranger. There are some truly lovely people on the internet. The whole thing also provided a nice opportunity to catch up with some people I used to work with and hadn’t spoken to for a while, in…

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There are few things quite as absurd as the idea of a sports fan.

Think about it.

Forming a connection with a team or individual – often picked at random – who you root for simply because you’re watching it? Celebrating when he/she/they succeed, slumping into despair come the inevitable defeat?

We all do this. Our brain will pick sides based on unimportant information like hairstyle or gait.

Take the Olympics for example. I was extremely suspicious of the tournament before it began thinking it a bloated refuge for second tier athletes and sports (which may still be true…). However,  like pretty much everyone else in the world, it tricked me into caring about people and events I’d never heard of. After an hours viewing, I was cheering for a woman shooting at a tiny target and felt let down when she lost by 0.2 of a millimetre.

In football, year…

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Snowtown – Not a barrel of laughs

Released: November 20 2011


DirectorJustin Kurzel

One important point to note from the beginning is that this film, despite its title, is not a throwaway seasonal romp in the tradition of Elf or Jingle All the Way.

I stress this as I myself entered the cinema without the first notion of what it was about. I arrived armed with a hangover, peanut M&M’s and the potential to see good in people. I left with my hangover and M&M’s intact.

Snowtown is the gruesome true story of the ‘Bodies in Barrels’ Murders set near Adelaide during the late 90s and depicts the development of John Justin Bunting into Australia’s most infamous serial killer.

In his first feature length film, writer/director Justin Kurzel tells the story through the eyes of Jamie Vlassakis, a troubled youth from a disadvantaged background who, it…

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Two novice hikers trekking 3000kms for the Irish Heart Foundation. Follow us and our ups & downs, as we get used to long distance hiking on New Zealands, Te Araroa.

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